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Vera Vidya Classes
DYNAMIC VINYASA- Energise and Lengthen.
Our signature class, Dynamic Vinyasa is an energetic practice that builds heat, strength, flexibility and endurance. “Vinyasa” means “breath-synchronized movement”. In other words you inhale to move one way and exhale to move another and with all the breaths you are going to be taking you will have had a whole lot of action by the end of class. It maybe fast or slow depending on the individuals and the teacher in the room. 
Why do people love Vinyasa Flow? Because it is an empowering practice that will support you to explore and embrace the edges of your own potential. You will walk out of class feeling energised, grounded and completely chilled. Just they way we like it.
YIN- Release
Find the balance. Still the body and the mind. Yin is a gentle mediative practice targeting the connective tissue, tendons, fascia and ligaments. It is excellent for joint mobility, flexibility and reducing tension resulting in a deep, integrated and satisfying practice. Yin uses passive and relaxing poses that are held for longer to activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system – rest and digest) and work on the meridian lines within your body. 
All levels welcome. 
Slow, gentle and deeply relaxing yoga class. The perfect way to take the time out you are looking for. The restorative class involves an adaption of classical yoga using props and holding postures to open and stretch the body. This class is gentle, and with the availability of props, it is accessible to everyone especially beginners, pre and post natal. It is particularly effective in reducing stress, anxiety and sleep disruptions. 
Excellent for desk-bound people who are looking to find greater flexibility and range of motion. 
Remedial is a gentle practice that re-creates balance in the body and harmony in the mind. It works through mobilisation and stabilisation of the joints. A slow calm breath is used throughout the practice to allow the energy to move more freely within the body, creating more space and ease when coming in and out of each pose. It is ideal for anyone working through injuries, limitation or specific needs. Our awesome teachers will step you through each pose helping you work with your individual body.. 
MOBILITY & CORE- Strength 
Functional dynamic stretching and strengthening
Do you ever wish you could have all the benefits of yoga without the bells and whistles? This is the class thats gets you just that. 
With mobility and core you will build your strength (think toned arms, legs & core), flexibility and endurance. It is a must class for cyclists, runners & sports enthusiasts. It gets the body fired up and ready to train at its best whilst incorporating all the stretch & mobility benefits of yoga.
Never tried Yoga or want to revisit your technique, we have got you covered. This class was designed to talk you through all things Yoga: different types of classes, different poses and how to get the best out of each pose for your body, how to start to listen to your body and switch off your mind… something we all struggle with. Come and build your confidence on the matt. 
All our senior teachers are available for private Yoga classes. This is a great option if you are interested in a tailored one on one program or you have a group of friends gathering together for an event. We recommend private sessions for all our yoga students to ensure you get the most out of every yoga practice. 
For more information, including availability and prices contact admin today.